Speaking Topics

Come To The Table

Psalm 107:9 "For He satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things."

There are so many times I will look to other things to fill the empty places in my heart.  How about you?  What does it look like to come to the table He prepares for you?  His word tells us that He will fill the hungry and the thirsty with good things.  Those good things are more of Him!  The best part of coming to the table is who is waiting there.

Knowing God

Psalm 46

As we dive into this popular passage of scripture, we see the storms are coming, not if they come, but when they come.  We are faced with what do we believe about our God in times of trouble.  Are we women who fear, get angry?  Do we doubt or do we rejoice?  He surely is our place of refuge.  He is our fortress.  He invites us to come and be still in the midst of all of it, to know Him, and to rest in who He is.

Living Expectantly

Anna was a woman who spent her entire life waiting to meet the promised Messiah.  She was a woman who spent her life worshiping God day and night.  She was a woman who lived in expectancy of the Messiah's coming.  I wonder if she sang the song in her heart, "Come thou Long Expected Jesus"?  What kind of women are we in the wait?  Are we women who live a life of expectancy, waiting for our King to come?

Come to the Well

We are women who hunger and thirst and most of the time we are running on empty.  In John 4 we meet the Samaritan woman who didn't even know she was thirsty.  We have no name, just that she needed living water.  She had no idea that she was about to have a "Come to Jesus Meeting" and that her life would never be the same.  Oh, how Jesus longs for us to come to the well.